Neilly Photography + Design

Location or studio photographer graphic designer

I am a senior & family portrait photographer / designer who specializes in connecting with my clients to bring out their true self while capturing their portraits. I began portrait photography in 2006 with a thirst to learn while developing a creative outlet to serve others. The lens has forever changed the way I see the world around me. I approach each session as an opportunity to capture you in a moment you won't forget.


I have a very contemporary but classic style to my work. A photograph is a way to communicate who we are as people and who we care about. I work with perspective and lighting to achieve a flattering & real image with each click of the shutter.

knowledge & Experience

The digital world of photography and technology is an ever evolving place. Equipment and software capabilities are certainly helping photographers to push the boundaries of the imagination, however composition, light & perspective will always be apart of a great image. Having decades of experience with a never stop learning approach is what I bring to every session and design.